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I've transformed others lives, happiness, thoughts & actions by helping them create the life they desire, dream of & deserve - you can do it too!

Hi! I'm Lisa Barton and I'm a transformational life & small business coach working with people just like you to help you transform your life, amp up your happiness, overcome your fears, raise your wealth consciousness and become the person you've always known inside you can be!

My aim is to
help you to feel how you're longing to feel,
free yourself from grip of the past,
propel you to where you're heading to &
empower you to believe in yourself that you really can do this!

Sound good but scary? I hear you. I understand. I'm sure just like many others at the start of their journey of working with me - you have questions, doubts, overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion, feeling stuck, confused and various body parts that are going topsy turvey with nerves, excitement, anxiety & not knowing if you're making the right decision, coming or going and whether the future is bleak or bright. However, you're pretty sure that you do know you don't want to carry on the next few years feeling the same way as you have the last few years. Right?

I know you may be almost paralysed by fear of what's going to be thrown at you next to deal with, how you're going to find the strength to get back on your feet, being scared of making the wrong decisions, hitting more dead ends & blind corners and never really finding the happiness, joy & fulfilment you so deserve and you dream about.

I know because I was just the same and it all sounds very familiar.

Over a period of ten years  I experienced a huge number of major life shifts, twists, turns and changes including divorce(s), loss, twice having my home and possessions taken from me, 9 job changes, 13 houses purchased.  I've been lied to, cheated on, and had all my money gambled away. I can safely say I had more than my fair share! On the plus side (yes thankfully there is one!) I welcomed 4 children into the world whilst continuing to run my own business.

Finally, I became fed up of flailing around without knowing what I was doing and having happiness, abundance, prosperity, fun, freedom and feeling fabulous totally elude me. I knew I needed to make some changes but I had no idea what to do, where to go, who to see or how to make it happen.  So I decided to take responsibility, take a leap of faith into the unknown and find out for myself. I was in my 40's with 4 small children, a husband, huge bills to pay, family to care for and a home and business to run but I something deep inside of me knew I could do it. 

Is that how you feel? Like you know you need to do something to lift you out of this fog but just don't know where to start & what to do?

On that day (I affectionately termed it transformation day!) I plucked up my last ounce of courage, dredged up my last drops of willpower and set sail on a determined mission to learn, read, research, experiment, try (and try, try, try again!) as much as was humanly possible to get me back into my life groove and start actively creating a life I wanted to live rather than just survive in.

Then everything started to shift for me.

My new life now consists of doing work I adore, with people I love. My days are punctuated with luxuries and my spare time is filled with what fulfils me. I welcomed time, balance, happiness and joy back into my life. 

I have renewed confidence, self esteem, self belief and have waved goodbye to fears, doubts, insecurities, limiting beliefs, failures, negative thoughts and worrying what others think about me. I'm more authentic, real and true to myself, my intuition &  my dreams and desires. I feel more appreciated, respected, worthy and purposeful. 

I no longer feel 'not good enough' or 'not enough' but am thrilled to be exactly who I am, where I am heading and who I always knew I could be. 

I've eliminated stress, found balance, cultivated peace and discovered how to uplift, inspire, motivate, encourage, care for and nurture myself - no more co-dependency for me!

I receive abundance, prosperity and have become a magnet for money and material possessions through my greatly heightened wealth consciousness.

I'm happier, lighter, optimistic, positive, feeling free, healthier, setting healthy boundaries others respect & am more decisive and go-getting having jumped back into the driving seat of my own life.

Bye bye frustration, disappointment, playing small, wasting time, comparison-itis, resentment, guilt & self sabotage!

I know what I want and I know how to go after it. I've transformed my mindset, no longer feel stuck, demotivated, frustrated and going nowhere but in circles fast. Every day offers me a new & exciting opportunity to uplift others and spread my own particular brand of happiness :) 

I've designed a career that allows me to be a mother and of service to others. I have time and energy for my husband, family & friends. I have time for my own pursuits and hobbies. I know when to say yes and when to say no. 

And most importantly, I'm living the life I want to live, not a second rate version of someones else's. And that makes me feel very happy and fulfilled. 

And as an unexpected bonus, I've also become an excellent role model for my own children and am sharing  all my experience, knowledge and skills so they too grow up feel empowered, confident and the best version of themselves so as they don't have to go through all that I did.

Imagine waking up every day to your dream life and wondering if all the contentment, happiness and fulfilment you're feeling can possibly last? Well it can and I'm living proof!

Let me show you how to get there too!

I believe it's every persons right to live a rich and full life of happiness, abundance, success and goodness. I'll show you how you can achieve this! This is your chance to get the life you've always imagined, wished for, hoped for and wanted with all your might.

I totally believe you can create a life where you call the shots, have time to indulge yourself, are able to fully be present with your family and friends, have renewed energy & motivation, have a clear purpose and direction and goals, have financial freedom, can share your unique gifts with the world and be respected for them, to stop feeling guilty and judged for your actions, to bounce out of bed in the mornings, excited and energised and raring to go!

And I totally believe that you are a special, unique, gorgeous person who without doubt deserves the best that life has to offer. Now is the time to make it happen. No more waiting for signs, omens, other peoples actions or opinions, changes in circumstances or whatever it is that is going to get you going again.

I have a few options for you ...

1-2-1 personal intensive day (6 hours)

fast results with a minimum time investment

via Skype, email or phone
Ideal for those who are tired of being stuck & want to move forward fast
Includes worksheets & email resources
Totally personalised to you, includes unlimited email access to me for 1 month afterwards 

90 day 1-2-1 programme 

As per 1-2-1 personal intensive but at a gentler pace  

Weekly 1 hour calls & materials via Skype, phone & email 
Ideal for those who prefer gentler progress 
Includes worksheets & email resources
Totally personalised to you, includes unlimited email access to me for 3 months afterwards

Not sure which option is right for you? Click here to talk!